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'The Power of Now' by Eckhart Tolle -

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Category:Self-Improvement -- posted at: 3:24pm PST | This is a RE-RUN of one our most popular episodes: EP118. "The Power of PRESENCE - The Secret to Turning Anxiety into Excitement" (originally aired on Jan 6, 2016) 


This episode was inspired by a book called "Presence: Bringing Your Boldest Self to Your Biggest Challenges" by Amy Cuddy. In this episode, we'll be discussing one of Cuddy's actionable (and science-backed) ideas on overcoming nervousness and stress when we're dealing with anxiety-inducing situations.

What you'll discover in this episode: 

  • Why you get anxiety and what to do about it.
  • Why telling yourself to "calm down" when you're stressed or nervous doesn't help---but makes things WORSE
  • A simple method for overcoming stress and anxiety that you can start implementing easily and immediately. 

Book mentioned:

"Presence" by Amy Cuddy 

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Category:Self-Improvement -- posted at: 3:15pm PST | EP216. Succeed: How We Can Reach Our Goals


In this episode we'll talk about some of Dr. Heidi Grant Halvorson's research on effective goal-setting, inspired by her book 'Succeed: How We Can Reach Our Goals' (grab the book summary here:


'Succeed' by Heidi Grant Halvorson

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This is a re-run of EP191. "5 Steps to Unleash Your Success Mechanism." Originally aired: September 2017.

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Category:Self-Improvement -- posted at: 11:49am PST | EP215. 7 Simple Ways to Generate Ideas For Anything

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