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Aug 7, 2015

Use “No Matter What” Commitments to Strengthen Willpower, Defeat Decision Fatigue, and Motivate Yourself


Here’s what the average morning scenario looked like for me before I learned how to keep my commitments:


  • It’s 5:00AM.
  • I’m startled awake by the sound of sirens ringing so damn loud it feels like a firetruck is plowing through my brain.
  • I realize the sirens aren’t coming from a firetruck—they’re coming from the alarm-clock app on my iPhone.
  • I continue lying there, debating with myself about whether I should hit the gym or hit the snooze button.
  • I choose to tap the snooze button for “just 5 more minutes of sleep.”
  • 45 minutes later, I wake up, forgo the gym, and head to work.


This pattern continued on for longer than I care to talk about…


The thing is though; I really, really wanted to stop hitting snooze and start waking up earlier to workout, but I just couldn’t “motivate” myself to do it.


So, there I was. Lying in my bed at the crack of dawn. Alarm clock blaring; moment of truth dawning upon me: should I wake my ass up and workout?—or should I stay in bed, rationalizing to myself that I’d go to the gym after work, even if I knew I probably wouldn’t?


Most of the time, I’d lie in bed, going back and forth in my head about whether I should get up or not… Do I really have enough time to workout and get ready for work? Will I get to work on time? What if I don’t have the energy to push myself in the gym this early in the morning?


Next thing I know, I’m back in la-la land, snoozing away until the last possible minute before I absolutely had to get up and get ready for work.


And of course, even though I told myself I’d hit the gym afterwards, I’d end up skipping almost every time.


Not only was I neglecting my physical health. But I was also neglecting my mental health.


Something needed to change...

Listen to this episode to learn how I turned this dillema around, or follow the link to finish reading the article-version:



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