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Feb 22, 2016 • EP128: 11 Tips To Have a Long-Lasting, Happy Relationship


  • I'm no relationship counselor, but earlier this year the wifey + I came up with 11 things we think will help us maintain a happy relationship. We think they're awesome. Hopefully you will, too
  • At the beginning of every year, I like to sit down and do a year-end reflection of the previous year… I think about the wins, the challenges, the goals or areas of my life that I’d like to build upon as I move forward into another new year, and any new goals I’d like to pursue in the year ahead.

    One of the things that made this past yearly reflection especially enriching, was the inclusion of my wife, Amna and our newborn, Nora. (I’d always done my yearly reflection totally solo up until now.) So in addition to all of the stuff I usually do during my yearly reflection and goal-setting session, this year I worked on a list of ongoing relationship goals with Amna. We ended up with 11 in total. And we posted them up near our bathroom mirror, so we can glance at them every morning while we brush our teeth.

    As I write this, it’s been a little over a month since we started practicing these new ongoing goals (which are more like habits, or mutual commitments than goals). And I think they’ve been incredibly helpful in bringing us closer together as a couple and crushing conflicts before they arise. Here’s our list:[continue reading at]


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