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Mar 5, 2020 | *This is a rerun of EP240. Take Initiative

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Have you ever tried to stop an ant without killing it? It’s virtually impossible. They never stop.

Put one to the test someday. Pretend like you’re a kid again, and make a small hill in an ant’s path. Then watch what happens…

The ant will walk up and over the top of the hill without braking.

It doesn’t matter what you put in the ant’s way, it’ll figure out a way around it in order to go where it needs to go. It’ll crawl along the side of a wall, go into a hole, over a tree stump, through the grass—it doesn’t matter. And if it can’t go through something, it will go around it.

An ant will never turn around and walk the other way, no matter what obstacles are in its path.

Try applying this kind of tenacity to your own life. Obviously, you’ll want to use your brain, too (you’re a lot smarter than an ant). But in the determination department, be like an ant.

Refuse to be stopped. Continue overcoming any obstacles in your path. Keep going, make smart decisions, and learn as you go.

The people who make their dreams a reality are the people who patiently persist.

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