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Dec 9, 2015 • EP111: The Boxed Life  


Almost every day, for four excruciating years, I was living in a box…

I woke up to a little  digital box sitting next to my bed stand… After slamming the snooze button on my little box, I’d finally rise, get ready, and head downstairs to eat a box breakfast.

Then I’d climb into my box car. Sit in traffic for 3 hours with a bunch of otherboxes. Drive to a big box building. And walk into my box of a cubicle.

Then I’d work within that box for a few hours; breaking every now and then forbox-related activities of various kinds—like the bathroom box, or the break roombox—until it was time to eat my box lunch in a box cafeteria with my co-workers who were also eating out of their very own boxes.

After lunch, I’d head back to my cubicle box to do more unexciting work—which sometimes involved shifting from one box to another or using the phone box to call other people in other boxes to talk about boring box things.

Sometimes though, I’d get so stressed out about catching up on all of my unexciting work, that I would stay in my cubicle box and eat my box lunch while working or talking on my phone box.


Obviously the boxed life wasn’t for me… Which is why I chose to leave it behind. But hundreds of thousands of people in the US, and millions around the world, are still living the boxed life… Maybe, *you’re* listening to (or reading) this right now, realizing that you’re living in a box… And if that makes you feel like you’re wasting away you’re life, then I’d highly suggest you decide to do something about it before it’s too late.


It never seizes to amaze me, that people can spend 65% of their waking hours working in a box building, in a box cubicle, only to be told that they should “really try to think outside the box.”

Are you kidding me?

Think outside the box?


How the hell could anyone be expected to think outside the box when everything they do is inside the box?”


They live in a box

They work in a box

they even shit in a box


And then they’re told to THINK outside the box!?


NO. You cannot “think” outside the box if you live your life inside of one. Click-to-tweet



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    • The Boxed Life
    • "Think Outside The Box" (Revisited)
    • Risk Taking
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    • Meaningful work
    • Fear of Failure
    • Golden Handcuffs
    • How To Find Your Passion
    • Success
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