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Jun 27, 2016 • EP150. 99% IS A BITCH; 100% IS A BREEZE

Jun 20, 2016 • EP149: Tucker Max: How To Write and Publish a Best-Selling Book (Everything You Need To Know)

Jun 17, 2016 • EP148. Inspiration vs Motivation • In this short episode, you'll be learning about the power of language and the subtle, yet surprising difference between two seemingly similar words: "Inspiration," and "Motivation."

Jun 13, 2016 • EP147. Jonah Berger: The Invisible Influences That Shape Our Behavior.

About This Episode:

  • Today I'm joined by author Jonah Berger, here to discuss his new book, "Invisible Influence."

Book Mentioned:

Jun 10, 2016 • EP146. Flow: The Science-Backed Secret to Happiness


  • In this episode, we'll be talking about "Flow," which is a...