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Feb 27, 2020 | EP258. 6 Ways to Elevate Your Life by Elevating Your Communication

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"The best communication occurs when both people are sincere—one sincerely wishing to learn or listen, and the other sincerely wishing to share.”—Jim RohnLeading an Inspired Life

The fact that we have evolved as a human species to develop the concept of what we call communication is nothing short of incredible when you stop to think about it. Verbal speech originated half a million years ago. Symbols came along approximately 30,000 years ago. Fast-forward to circa 2018, and here we are—communicating with one another across the globe, using technologies like the internet to connect with one another. Crazy, right?

A lot has happened between the very beginnings communication, to where we are today…

We’ve got radio, audio, and video.

We’ve gone from symbols to Skype.

From face time to FaceTime.

From chiseling text into stone, to tapping out text on the phone.

We have regular books, and we have audiobooks.

The article you’re reading right now is a form of communication.

We’ve even got satellites floating around in space right now, some billion light-years away, all in hopes of making contact—communication—with something we’ve never seen before.

These are all channels of communication that have dramatically transformed our way of life.

But in it’s most intimate form, communication happens with ourselves. The voice in our heads—telling us we’re not good enough, smart enough, or successful enough. Or that very same voice telling us that we are good enough. That we are smart enough. That we are successful enough.

What exactly is communication? In short, communication is the act of transferring information and ideas from one place to another place. And if we plan to live the most meaningful, successful, and fulfilling life we can, then it makes sense to learn to communicate as effectively as possible—both with ourselves as well as with others.

This is where self development comes in…

Self development and communication are two areas of life that are inextricably connected to one another—you really can’t optimize one without the other.

When you listen to this episode, you'll learn 6 ways to elevate your life by elevating your communication. 

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