• EP150. 99% IS A BITCH; 100% IS A BREEZE

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Category:Self-Improvement -- posted at: 3:00am PST • EP149: Tucker Max: How To Write and Publish a Best-Selling Book (Everything You Need To Know)

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Category:Self-Improvement -- posted at: 3:00am PST • EP148. Inspiration vs Motivation • In this short episode, you'll be learning about the power of language and the subtle, yet surprising difference between two seemingly similar words: "Inspiration," and "Motivation."

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Category:Self-Improvement -- posted at: 3:00am PST • EP147. Jonah Berger: The Invisible Influences That Shape Our Behavior.

About This Episode:

  • Today I'm joined by author Jonah Berger, here to discuss his new book, "Invisible Influence."

Book Mentioned: • EP146. Flow: The Science-Backed Secret to Happiness


  • In this episode, we'll be talking about "Flow," which is a term that author Mihály Csíkszentmihályi uses to describe that feeling of total awesomeness you experience when you're so immersed in an activity (work or otherwise) that you lose track of time and feel like you could just keep on working on it forever because of the enjoyment it brings you to do the work itself. Most of us don't experience Flow as often as we'd like, and most people think it's just something that happens by way of luck. But it's not luck... There's actually a science-backed method to making Flow a part of your daily life, and you're about to learn it...


  • Book Mentioned:
    • Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience
      by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
  • Get the show notes + resources mentioned in this episode here: 
  • Topics discussed in this episode:
    • Flow
    • The Psychology of Optimal Experience
    • Meaningful Work
  • People mentioned
    • Mihaly Csíkszentmihalyi




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Category:Self-Improvement -- posted at: 3:08pm PST • Muhammad Ali: The Psychology of Greatness.

Muhammad Ali was the only person I'd never met to pass (since Michael Jackson) that genuinely made me sad. With MJ, I was sad because I grew up on his music. With Muhammad Ali, I'm sad because, like millions of people around the world, I looked up to him. And I hoped to meet him one day. Unfortunately that obviously won't be happening. So, here's the best way I know of to commemorate his passing: Back in November 2015, I published an episode that detailed one of the most important contributors to Muhammad Ali's massively successful boxing career: his mindset... More specifically, his Growth-Mindset. I'm re-publishing this episode today to commemorate his passing, which was on June 4th 2016. Hope it inspires you to reach for greatness, just like Muhammad Ali did throughout his entire life.

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