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Category:Self-Improvement -- posted at: 11:37am PST // EP046: The 21 Day MYTH of Habit Building // In this episode we're going to bust a commonly-held belief about the time it takes to build a habit. The problem with this myth is that it gives us an excuse to quit too early... tune in and learn how long it really takes and how to stick with your habits when you make em'. // Wanna get your questions answered on the podcast? Email

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Category:Self-Improvement -- posted at: 6:06pm PST // 045: Are You Following The Follower? // In this episode, we'll talk about the games we play (in our own heads) when we're too afraid to do what we know we truly want to do with our careers, lives, relationships, etc. // Wanna get your questions answered on the podcast? Email

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Category:Self-Improvement -- posted at: 1:34pm PST // 043: How To Wake Up Early and Workout // In this episode you'll learn about the benefits of waking up early and working out, and 7 simple steps to successfully turn it into a habit. // EP043: How To Wake Up Early and Workout

  • On today's episode of The Meaningful Show Podcast, you'll learn about the benefits of waking up early and working out, and 7 simple steps to successfully turn it into a habit.
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  • How to wake up early and workout: 7 simple steps to make waking up and working out a sustainable habit for life.

  • In previous episodes of the podcast — namely, Designing Your Morning Ritual, and How to Make New Year's Resolutions Stick — I’ve talked about how much I love waking up and working out. The reasons for this are many, including the research-driven data that shows how exercising in the morning actually gives us MORE energy, as opposed to the widely touted myth that working out early drains us of energy. 

    Again, the reverse is true -- though not for every one, at least for most of us -- not only does working out in the morning help us become more energetic, it can actually set a powerful series of events in motion to help you create more productive days, weeks, months, and years for yourself. 

  • The Endorphin Effect: If you wake up early and workout vigorously for a minimum of 45 minutes or more, then a naturally-produced chemical known as Endorphin begins to surge through your body, giving you a natural high (also known as “runner’s high). This chemical kicks into your body because it’s meant to mask the pain your putting your muscles through when you lift weights or do hard core cardio. (Side note: when you’re lifting weights, you’re basically ripping and tearing your muscle fibers… the reason why muscles actually grow in size isn’t because of the lifting of weights, it’s because of the eating of foods. When you tear up your muscle fibers in the gym, you need to put nutrition-dense foods back into your body in order to give them a reason to re-build… and if you want them to come back larger, it’s best to optimize your diet accordingly.)

  • The Dopamine Effect: Now, once you’ve gotten out of the gym, you probably feel really good about yourself for having gotten up early and workout out. This then, gives you small doses  of yet another naturally occurring chemical in your body, known as Dopamine, which gives you the feelings of positive reinforcement for having done a good job. 

  • As The Day Goes On: Now you’re in your car and headed to work feeling like a champion. You already know that no one else in your peer group got up as early as you did to workout, so that just makes you feel even better. Whether that’s right or wrong is neither here nor there — but for a lot of us, it *is* true.

  • If you add a little morning meditation into the mix, that’s even better. And if you add a little visualization and gratitude action on top of that — well, then, you’ll *really* be setting yourself up for a kick-ass day.

Okay, I get it. So how do I get myself to wake up early and workout? 

  • 1. Plan it out. Plan all your workouts BEFORE you step foot into the gym. Write it down, or get an app like Gym Buddy to keep you on track. Having plans and goals are crucial. Otherwise you’ll end up screwing around and leaving early.
  • 2. Picture yourself doing tomorrow’s workout today. One of the things I do every night before going to bed is to whip out my phone and go over my workout routine for the following morning real quick before calling it a night. I envision myself CRUSHING it in the gym. Performing every exercise and hitting new personal records for each of them. Yes, it helps. And yes, it makes a difference. Currently, I’m keeping my workouts in an Evernote checklist titled “Dean’s Training Program: Week 2”. The tools I use change from time to time, but the process doesn’t.
  • 3. Set it and forget it. Place your alarm clock far enough away from your bed that you must physically get out of bed in order to shut that thing off.
  • 4. Never hit the snooze button. “Just 5 more minutes” rarely ends up being just 5 minutes… Trust me, I know this from personal experience on more than one occasion. Do not let your mind trick your into hitting the snooze button. Avoid waking up two hours later and kicking yourself for missing a workout, and then allowing that guilt to have a negative impact on the rest of your entire day. It’s not worth it.
  • 5. Jump out of bed like a machine. Sometimes I wake up with such force that I scare my poor wife out of her beauty sleep. You don’t need to jump right out of bed, but you DO need to feel as if you wanted to. Be robotic with it. Wake up and go. Don’t think about how little you slept last night. Don’t think about how many things you need to do today. As soon as your alarm goes off, get your body out of your bed and get moving.
  • 6. Prep your pre-workout supplementation. I like to have a pre-workout drink before I go into the gym. And because it’s powdered, I put it in an empty shaker and place it next to my bed side table (right next to a bottled water) so that it’s ready to be consumed with my vitamins as soon as I get up in the morning. Wondering what I put in my pre workout drink? It varies, but it’s usually a powdered mix of caffeine, branch-chain amino acids, buffered creatine monohydrate, and arginine. But if you're looking for a set of all-in-one supplements that can give you a solid boost, without making you feel like an over-stimulated crack addict, I'd recommend Onnit Labs. They're an ethical company that produces high-grade supplements, with research-driven data to support their brands.
  • 7. Prepare your attire the night before. I go to sleep with my gym clothes on. But I’m a dude, so that’s usually just a pair of sweats and a tank top. If you can’t do that, then pick out exactly what you need to wear to the gym the next morning and have it ready to go. If you go straight work after your workout, then bring your toiletries and work clothes with you. Most gyms have lockers. Hopefully yours is clean.

Quick recap: 7 steps to wake up early and workout

  • 1. Plan it out
  • 2. Envision tomorrow's workout today
  • 3. Set it and forget it (place your alarm clock far enough away from the bed so that you've got to physically get out of bed to turn it off... then STAY out of bed :)
  • 4. NEVER hit the snooze button
  • 5. Be robotic with it. Jump out of bed like a machine
  • 6. Prepare your pre-workout supplementation for immediate consumption upon rising
  • 7. Prepare your pre and post workout attire the night before
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042: Elisha Goldstein - Uncovering Happiness: Overcome Depression with Mindfulness and Self-Compassion // EP042: Elisha Goldstein - Uncovering Happiness: Overcome Depression with Mindfulness and Self-Compassion. // In today's episode of The Meaningful Show Podcast, I'm joined by Dr. Elisha Goldstein to discuss how to overcome depression with mindfulness and self-compassion. Tune in and swing on over to for the show notes!





Uncovering Happiness: Overcoming Depression with Mindfulness and Self-Compassion

self-help book summary siteby Elisha Goldstein



BOOK DESCRIPTION: In seven simple steps, Uncovering Happiness uses cutting-edge mindfulness and self-compassion techniques along with innovations in neuroscience to release natural antidepressants in the brain. Dr. Goldstein shows you how to take back control of your mind, your mood, and your life. Most of us believe when we’re depressed that our situation is hopeless. That’s a mistake, Dr. Elisha Goldstein reassures us in Uncovering Happiness. The secret to overcoming depression and uncovering happiness is in harnessing our brain’s own natural antidepressant power and ultimately creating a more resilient antidepressant brain.Uncovering Happiness is grounded in two key foundations: mindfulness and self-compassion, and backed by recent scientific discoveries. New research shows that mindfulness reduces the risk of relapse in people who have experienced depression and can be a significant alternative, or supplement, to medication. The second foundation is self-compassion—a state of mind in which you understand your own suffering with an inclination to support yourself. Goldstein explores our natural antidepressants—along with mindfulness and self-compassion, also purpose, play, and confidence—and offers specific techniques for putting them into action. Together, these elements can transform something that typically forces us to spiral downward and turn it into an upward spiral of self-worth and resiliency.

At its core, Uncovering Happiness contains a persuasive argument for hope: Having had depression in the past doesn’t mean you must also suffer from it in the future. You can build up the sections of the brain that protect you from depression, and slow down the sections that foster it. Doing this allows the brain’s own natural antidepressants to emerge, grow stronger, and contribute powerfully to the resiliency that we need to enjoy the good times, survive difficult times, and open ourselves up to lives that truly feel worth living.

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041: Jairek Robbins - Achieve Success By Living With Purpose // 041: Jairek Robbins - Achieve Success By Living With Purpose

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040: Zoltan Istvan - 2016 US Presidential Candidate and Author of The Transhumanist Wager // 040: Zoltan Istvan - 2016 US Presidential Candidate and Author of The Transhumanist Wager // Zoltan Istvan is a 2016 US Presidential Candidate and the author of The Transhumanist Wager. He has also been a host on The National Geographic, and traveled to over 100 countries -- solo on his sailboat. His book is available on Amazon, but you can find articles about the Transhumanist party and his ideas about the future of society on sites like Psychology Today. Learn more about Transhumanism and Zoltan at // 039: Online Dating - Is it Worth it?

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038: Chris Widener - Goal Setting, Zig Ziglar, Jim Rohn and Becoming a Motivational Speaker // 038: Chris Widener on Goal Setting, Zig Ziglar, Jim Rohn and Becoming a Successful Motivational Speaker. // EP037: The Wheel of Life 


In this episode, you'll learn about the 4 most important areas of your life -- which come together to form The Wheel of Life -- and how to organize a foundation for yourself in which you can build off of to CRUSH it in 2015.

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Category:Self-Improvement -- posted at: 9:57am PST 036: Goals vs Habits - What's The Difference?


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Category:Self-Improvement -- posted at: 5:00am PST Episode 035 - How To Quit Smoking.  

  • In this episode, you will learn how to trigger a deep desire within yourself to stop smoking and quit once in for all.
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